Apple MFi Certified, Why it Matters

What is MFI Certified? And 5 Reasons Why It’s Important.

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As Apple devices increasingly gain popularity in the mobile market, the need for Apple products/accessories is also on the high side. Cheap and fake Apple accessories have flooded the market. These fake accessories can potentially damage your expensive devices and may even put your life at risk. But how do you know if these accessories are from authorized manufacturers?

Apple has a license program that all authorized manufacturers must obtain to get the MFI certified logo on their products.

In this article, we will offer some tips on how to determine what products and accessories are Apple-certified, what it means, and the reasons you should always go for MFI certified products for your Apple accessories.

What is MFi Certification?

MFi certification is a license that shows Apple (Apple Inc.) has authorized accessory manufacturers to mark the MFi logo on their products. MFi is the abbreviation of Made for iPod, iPhone, and iPad. It can also be seen as Apple’s official stamp of approval and will work perfectly with any Apple device. The accessories with the MFi logo are reliable and dependable compared to the non-certified ones.

Apple’s MFi licensing Program is for all technologies, connectors, and components that are compatible with Apple devices. These includes iPods, iPhones, iPads, and AirPlay accessories. Once certified, MFi products are guaranteed to be compatible with Apple’s devices.


5 Reasons Why Should Buy MFi Certified Products

  1. Protects your device

The MFi-Certified license is important because it protects your device from potential damage or harm that could come from using an unauthorized accessory such as overheating, improper charging, port damage, or even iOS inefficiencies. Non-certified Lightning cables can conduct electricity incorrectly or accumulate heat. If you’re lucky, they’ll break or overheat before your Apple device does. By using an MFi-Certified accessory, you can help keep your device safe. Otherwise, you risk destroying your device by using an unofficial third-party accessory.


  1. Meets Apple’s requirements

Choosing an MFi-Certified accessory gives the user a guarantee that the manufacturer is distributing a product or accessory that meets the basic performance requirements set forth by Apple. These requirements spell out the necessary protocols for accessories to connect correctly with Apple devices and provide them with the best data transfer capabilities or charging capabilities.


  1. Compatible with your device

Oftentimes, if you use a fake accessory, your Apple device will likely display the message “This cable or accessory is not certified and may not work reliably with this iPhone.” Apple-approved accessories come with a built-in MFi chip. It is an authentication chip that enables the compatible accessories to communicate with Apple devices. As a result, they are able to play perfectly with the devices and also carry out tasks like charging and syncing data without any issue. Each Lightning connector on an MFI-certified cable or other device has a tiny authentication chip, so your device knows it is an MFi-certified accessory.


  1. Quality is guaranteed

While uncertified cables are poorly constructed and made of low quality materials. This means low-grade plastic compounds and electronic parts that make the connector feel brittle and tear easily. MFI certified products are made with quality materials and last longer with smooth finishing.


  1. Peace of mind

Purchasing an MFI Certified product means that you don’t need to worry about Apple updates, messages or compatibility issues. It provides peace of mind that you get the value for your money with certified products.



How to Tell If Your Accessory is MFI Certified or Not

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When searching for a new apple Lightning cable, you should take notice of the labels on the product and packaging. If you see the MFi logo on it, you can be assured that the product is Apple MFI-Certified. You can also check the physical characteristics of the product to help ensure that it is MFI-Certified. On the cable, it should be written “Designed by Apple in California” and either “Assembled in China,” “Assembled in Vietnam,” or “Indústria Brasileira”, followed by a 12-digit serial number.

Generally, Apple-approved cables will feature single-piece, smooth, rounded and gold/silver-colored contacts. However, the counterfeit cables’ connector will have more than one piece and sport inconsistent or rough finish.

For an Apple-certified adapter, the accessory will be constructed of quality materials, have a laser-etched icon (either for USB or 30-pin dock), and a flushed connection between the body and connector.

While Apple’s certification process is great for ensuring quality, it also encourages companies to fake MFI products. That is why Apple provides a handy MFI search engine on its website. All you need to do is head over to Apple MFI website → click on the Search Criteria drop-down menu → select brand → enter the brand name and hit Search. If it is a certified brand, the website will show its available accessories. If it is not approved, it won’t offer any results.


Not all Apple accessories need to go through certification, only those that use an Apple-exclusive technology. For instance, Bluetooth headphones and speakers wouldn’t need to be certified to be compatible with your devices. Docks and headphones that use the Lightning connector, have to be certified, since that port was created by Apple.

So, the next time you are shopping for an Apple accessory, keep an eye out for MFI certified products or buy directly at Apple stores. At Linkpin, we offer MFI certified products guaranteed for your safety. Visit our website today to get your Apple certified charger and lightning cables at an affordable rate.


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